The Time Legend Trilogy

Time Legend Trilogy by Monisha Saywack

The Time Legend Trilogy

The Time Legend Trilogy

by Monisha Saywack

Join Ahfai on her journey to find the king of the Realm of Dreams. The problem is, this realm exists only in the stories of her childhood. She must find the door to this realm – a lost temple in the mountainsto fulfill the prophecy foretold in her father’s tales and end the Eil.

An evil king, an army of Rumers, and the deadly Eil (also known as the Hundred-Year-Plague) stand between her and saving her family. With only her father’s old stories and the stranger with a golden sword, will Ahfai find the door and reach Avohai, King of the Mountains, in time?

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The Time Legend Trilogy


Powerful imagery! Must read!” – Devanelaine

Beautiful story, vivid imagery! – Frances

You will want to start reading the next book right away!” – Faith Cooper

“A must-read trilogy!” – Mahima Cooper

Delightful and Entrancing” – E.Cheens007

Gripping from the first chapter” – Vicki Alsup

Monisha Saywack

About the Author:

Monisha Saywack began storytelling long before she ever started writing. Like every parent, who has wrestled with answering the tough questions, Monisha knew the value of a good story. Then the hardest questions came of all. A desperate and earnest search to find the answers began, and the truth revealed itself most unexpectedly.

It leaped out of the pages of the stories Monisha loved as a child and shone out of those who bravely laid down their lives for home and country. It whispered in the faithful kindness of the one whose beloved no longer remembered and sparkled in the eyes of the orphan who found a forever family.

True Love, the kind that never fails, the kind worth fighting for, had a story to tell. It stood at every broken trail and at those places that seemed like the end of the road. It called out hope in the blinding sandstorm and the bitter cold blizzard. Because, of all the most unlikely places, the deep dark valley is where Love waits.

Hidden in Monisha’s tales of tragic loss and relentless redemption, discover Love’s story, brimming with hope and the undeniable truth that sets free.

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