Girl In The Vale

Time Legend Trilogy by Monisha Saywack

Girl In The Vale


by Monisha Saywack
Under the Waterfall

Ahfai, the girl in the garden, returns in this epic final installment of The Time Legend Trilogy. D’vad is dead. And now, King Erifell has placed a bounty on her head. With King Erifell’s Rumers are on her trail, Ahfai flees to the underground city of D’Nourg. Will her new life help her forget the past? When the mysterious dreams return, Ahfai must decide whether to believe in her father’s stories or walk away for good.

Ahfai’s moment of choice is at hand, and she is running out of time. The final war between king and dragon, slave and throne, light and darkness is about to begin. The enemy is ready to destroy the girl before she finds Kayl’s mysterious Light. Will she follow it to find the Eil’s cure, or will she stay underground?

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