Making Peace

Making Peace With God

Making Peace

Trying to make peace between two people is not easy. It’s hard when only one of them agrees to sit down and talk. And if one of them is not even human, that can become really complicated. The fact is, God loves you, and He wants you to hear His side of the story – the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Life makes it easy to blame God or wonder where He is in all of the world’s suffering. Case in point – Covid-19. We may even feel abandoned or like God does not care. If you are turned off from hearing about God or the Bible because of hurts, struggles, or even “godly” people who have disappointed you, they are not the whole story.

Please, sit down for a minute and hear God’s side of the story because there’s been a big misunderstanding. He is not out to get you. God wants to make peace so He can do life with you and for you. Here’s what He has to say.

Sins and Sinners

Make peace with God

When God calls you a sinner, He is not condemning you. He sees every human being born on this planet as “infected” by a deadly virus. This virus is called sin. And, because God designed His creation to be perfect, this breaks His heart. Every heart He designed chose sin over loving Him. Every single one.

What The Commands Meant

Make peace with God

When God gave us “commandments,” He meant “flatten the curve.” But we didn’t, and God’s “don’t do” list became a “you-have-the-virus-if” list of symptoms. The first two humans were infected by sin, and now every person on planet earth tests positive at birth. Nobody’s perfect, and don’t you believe otherwise.

Vertical Limits

Make peace with God

When God says you have fallen short, He means there is only one safe place left, and everyone has failed the entry test. No infected persons can enter God’s country. His city is clean and disease-free. Think of “come short” as being too short for ALL the rides at Disney, except this is way worse.

But good news ahead!

Sinfully Sad Salary

Make peace with God

When God says if you sin, you die. There is no chance of recovery from this sin virus. It ends anyone it infects, whether the symptoms are mild or full-blown. And there is no way to flatten the curve at this point. No one makes it.

Time to think vaccine. That meant the only person who was not infected would have to become human…with blood in His veins.

The Antidote

Make peace with God

God knew this would happen. Even before God created the universe, He designed a “vaccine.” As a worst-case scenario, God would “beget” Himself in the person of His son, Jesus. Jesus would be exposed to the full version of the virus to create the antidote.

Why all the trouble when God could have forced us to obey? God did all that to protect our free will.

If that doesn’t prove God’s fatherly love, I don’t know what does.

Full Remission

God placed all our pre-existing conditions – the sin of the whole world – on His Son, and it killed Jesus. But this was part of the plan! Not only did Jesus agree to let His blood be the antidote, but He also trusted God the Father to bring him back.

Jesus came back to life! His word is trustworthy, and He will give you a new and perfect life at the end of this one. The vaccine works for everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions!

The Guarantee

Make peace with God

“No condemnation” means those who are vaccinated (trust Jesus to save them) will now gain access, no questions asked. They will no longer need to be completely separated from God forever. No one will be turned away! And, they will be approved for travel and entry into God’s perfect, disease-free country where sin cannot enter. Guaranteed!

FYI, sin sounds like fun until it kills someone innocent. And it did, and there’s no masking that.

The Only Way

Make peace with God

When Jesus says He is the way, He means there is only one line and only one free vaccine that works for everyone. Jesus is the officer in charge. His word that you are vaccinated is the documentation you need. Only His ID can get you through security and grant you entry into God’s country. Your name will be permanently added to His list. You may experience some side effects like strength in times of weakness.

God’s Work

Make peace with God

Believe! There is no list of requirements. Just come as you are, and God will help you!

Beware of fakes, especially if you have to pay for the free vaccine. Many will try to sneak in without the vaccine. They claim to be vaccinated, but you can tell that they’re sick. Don’t follow them! God’s borders are fully secure, and He takes the protection of His citizens very seriously. The penalty for trying to break in is … well, let’s just say offenders will find themselves in a lot of hot…water.

There is a place, a terrible place, reserved for those who try to break in. This was never a part of God’s plan for you!

Heavenly Accomadations

Make peace with God

God’s plan was always for you to enjoy a perfect existence with Him as a part of His family. He has even prepared a place for you in His own house.

Toll Free

Make peace with God

God says the only authorized number to call is 1-800-J-E-S-U-S. No long lines, no crowded waiting rooms, or expensive fees. Jesus will meet you where you are. He may have already knocked on your door a time or two. Oh, and this vaccine…it’s not like any other. It hurt Him more than it will ever hurt you, and He is strong.

The Champion

Make peace with God

Jesus earned the title of “Lord” by obeying protocol perfectly. In the deathmatch against sin, He won the world championship permanently.

Faith is knowing Jesus will save you. It’s not being brave or arm-wrestling with sin to see if you are strong enough. No one is. Jesus had to do it for us.

For Love’s Sake

Make peace with God

When the Bible says God loves us, it’s telling us WHY He did all of this for us even when our disobedience started the virus in the first place. His love is the proof that He is your real Father, and He will do anything to save His children! Even though He knew about the virus, God gave you everything.

Everlasting Love

Make peace with God

God has loved you…forever. He’s said His piece, and now it’s up to you to believe Him.

Come back to your Father. He is waiting with open arms.

You don’t need any special words. You can talk to God in your words or pray the simple prayer below.

Make Peace

Make peace with God

If you prayed to receive Jesus into your life, WELCOME TO GOD’S FAMILY!

It’s your forever birthday, and we are all celebrating with you!

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