Girl In The Garden

Time Legend Trilogy by Monisha Saywack

Girl In The Garden


by Monisha Saywack
Girl In Garden by Monisha Saywack
Desert Dream

When the deadly Eil descends upon the City of Ethrae, Erifell the Evil attacks with a dark army of Rumers, half-men, and half-beast. But all is not as it seems. In taking the city, Erifell may have blundered into a war encompassing two greater realms and kingdoms.

At the center of the ravaged city stands Ahfai, the girl in the garden, who holds the key not only to save her family from King Erifell’s clutches but to win the war that looms on the horizon. With only her father’s stories to guide her, the woodcarver’s daughter must find a lost temple in the mountains and the cave of Cuprite stones that possess great healing power.

When Ahfai finds a sword made of pure gold and the stranger who carries it boldly by his side, she begins to believe the prophecy foretold in her father’s old stories. Now, she must decide which dreams are true and which are the Eil’s delusion. Will Ahfai find the key in time to save her family?

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