Girl In The Dungeon

Time Legend Trilogy by Monisha Saywack

Girl In The Dungeon


by Monisha Saywack
Girl In The Dungeon by Monisha Saywack

Ayovar is the only survivor of a carriage accident that has also stolen her memory. The handsome prince of Castle Nogard finds her and brings her back to his castle. Soon, Ayovar is drawn into his world of glittering balls and gowns, and she may soon claim the coveted place at the young ruler’s side. Still, Ayovar dreams of the ones she cannot remember, and only the man who appears every day by the fountain, may know the truth about her past.

Back in Ethrae, Ahfai is sick with the Eil, and only D’vad knows her whereabouts. King Erifell’s Rumer, and the beastly Tamer who seeks D’vad’s life, watch his every move. If D’vad doesn’t get Ahfai to the mountains, he may lose her forever.

When Ayovar and D’vad meet, can they join forces to help Ahfai, or will the Rumers discover D’vad’s plan?

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