About Monisha

About Monisha


Hi! My name is Monisha Saywack. You have discovered my resting place.

In real life, this would be a dugout under the ground with large round windows streaming sunshine onto tables and shelves piled high with books, found treasure, and warm pastries. Pull up a chair and help yourself.

My storyline is simple. I was born in India, grew up on the mission field with my family, and now live in the US. My dad studied the Bible in 12 different languages and passed his passion for truth to all his daughters. I felt compelled to test the truth.

After 25 years of research and experience, I discovered something that changed my life—a universal Law of Truth. My passion is sharing my technique so that others can engage in their journey of discovery.

My technique? I capture the truth and expose it to rigorous testing. I find what remains unbreakable, like a diamond. What I learn I also hold in place inside a lyric, a drawing, or under the light of a microscope. The next seeker sets it free and takes it with them.

What is the truth to me? It is the Law that holds both the universe and the atom together with the soft grace of a newborn baby. It is powerful and cannot be altered by wish or prayer. Why? Because truth is life-creating, life-sustaining, and life-transforming. Truth loves life and will not be convinced otherwise. Accepting that is faith. Seeing it with both eyes sets the mind free to live abundantly. I have been set free.

What I find is shared here through art, articles, books, and courses. The Time Legend Trilogy and the TLT Book Study are for those who like to learn through stories and adventure. The Genesis Study Course is for the eternal student like me.

This is also my refuge for those days when I need a reminder. I’ve heard that peace comes by opening your mind and following your heart. I believe in opening my heart and diligently leading my mind to steady and unshakable truth. What you believe influences your thoughts and defines your freedom.

Truthful thoughts create life-giving words that become praise-worthy actions, resulting in the truest freedom.

I also created this space with you in mind, the fellow traveler on this journey we call life. Everything you see here – the art, music, books, DIY ideas, and simple, thought-provoking articles are all for you to enjoy! While I use affiliate links (homeschooling moms need lots of coffee), my heart is first to encourage humans of all ages and walks of life to look up. Life is hard and can make you forget the truth: you are loved, pursued, and never alone.

So when you also need a moment to breathe and be reminded of all that is still true about you, grab a cup of something sweet and stay awhile. It will do you a world of good!

And the truth? You’ll know when you see it.

John 8:32 - "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”