About Monisha

About Monisha


Hi! My name is Monisha Saywack, and this is my resting place. In real life, this would be a dugout under the ground with large round windows streaming sunshine onto tables and shelves piled high with books, found treasure, and warm french pastries.

Welcome to my journey of truth. I enjoy creating art of many kinds, but my passion is digging deep into the dirt of our existence for evidence of what I believe – that we were created by God for His amazing purpose! What I find is shared here.

For those days when I need to be reminded of all that is unchangingly good, this is also my refuge. I’ve heard that peace comes by opening your mind and following your heart. I believe in opening my heart and diligently leading my mind to steady and unshakable truth because what you believe is who you are. Truth-full thoughts create life-giving words that become praise-worthy actions.

I also created this space with you in mind, the fellow traveler on this journey we call life. Everything you see here – the art, music, books, DIY ideas, and simple, thought-provoking articles are all for you to enjoy! While I do use affiliate links (homeschooling moms need lots of coffee), my heart is first to encourage women of all ages and walks of life to look up. Life is rough, and it can make you forget that you are loved, pursued, and never alone.

So when you also need a moment to breathe and be reminded of all that is still true about you, grab a cup of something sweet and stay awhile. It will do you a world of good!

John 8:32 - "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”