A free e-book about freedom from depression.

A Lovely Purpose | Free eBook

A free e-book about finding hope in times of depression. Discover the loveliest purpose for which you were designed and experience true joy.

Making Peace With God

Making Peace

Peace only comes through honest conversation. Know what God really said, and you will find peace for your soul, and joy for your heart.

Pencil drawing video of a dolphin.


Time-lapse pencil drawing video of one of the happiest ocean creatures, the dolphin. Soothing sounds. Simple strokes. Artful relaxation.

Categories Art
Time-lapse pencil drawing of 7 year old boy with beautiful eyes and a shy smile.

Shy Smile

A time-lapse pencil drawing video of a bright-eyed boy. Soothing sounds and simple strokes for artful relaxation.

Categories Art