Dolphins are intelligent animals who seem to seek out interaction with other species. Their exuberant behavior has earned them the title of happiest of all animal species. Not just sea creatures. All. Does it have to do with their seemingly smiling faces or their playful behavior?

Maybe there’s more to these creatures than meets the eye…

Guardians of the Sea

Seen as guardians as far back as the Greeks, sailors came ashore with stories of dolphins rescuing them from sinking ships. Many of these stories are so immersed in Greek mythology so it’s not easy to separate the fact from folklore. We can, however, study their behavior today. In more recent history, a pod of dolphins protected surfers from a shark by surrounding them. They have also been known to rescue children and pets from drowning.

Adding all the stories together, perhaps dolphins are the guardians of the sea. What we don’t know is why they rescue humans as well. 

Do Dolphins help Humans?

Dolphins in captivity can be trained to understand simple calls and commands. This shows a certain level of intelligence. They also seem to enjoy being around humans, but do dolphins in the wild seek this interaction? There have been reports of dolphins working with local fishermen to herd and drive fish toward their nets. Since dolphins do not need human help to catch food, there is no logical explanation for this behavior.

In nature, such a give-and-take relationship would be considered symbiotic, which this is clearly not. Dolphins seem to do what they do simply because they like it. It’s no surprise this beautiful species of cetaceans have come to symbolize protection and joy.

What Makes Dolphins Happy?

To sum it all up, dolphins seem to enjoy helping other species, however different they are.  We may never fully understand what drives this behavior in dolphins, which makes you wonder – do dolphins choose to do what makes them happy, or are they happy because of what they do?

Either way, it’s something to smile about!

Dolphins and all of God’s creatures were created with a purpose, and so were you.

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Pencil drawing of a dolphin
Pencil drawing of a dolphin
Pencil drawing of a dolphin
Pencil drawing of a dolphin