Shy Smile

Shy Smile

The Smile of a Child

If a picture paints a thousand words, the smile of a child tells a thousand happy secrets. Through the eyes of a child, the world is full of wonder, mystery, and simple happiness. It is one of my favorite things to draw – those eyes full of life, curiosity, and innocence.

Key to a Kingdom

Of all the things I know about God and the Bible, this is the easiest to understand. To come to God, you must come as a child. “For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” He is the Father to whom you can run anytime, anyplace, with any problem. You are never too old to be held in His arms.

Turn Back Time

Time has a way of exchanging the wonder and innocence of childhood with harsh, cold reality, but it doesn’t have to. Take time to recapture that wonder. Spend time playing, exploring, and relearning the beauty and serenity of insignificance.

Like their smiles, a child’s openness and excitement for life are contagious. That’s one thing we could all catch a little of.

And if you’re looking for more to smile about, discover your joy.

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