From The Rising of the Sun

Does God only help those who help themselves? We need both eyes opened to find the freedom that is already ours in Christ.

The Freedom of Surrender

Do you feel like knowing all the answers brings freedom? The answers will only lead you to the door to freedom – Surrender.

Divergence and The Gospel?

Divergence and The Gospel-Did God’s created design favor the survival of only the fittest? The answer will surprise you in a good way.

Join The Resistance

How can we Join the Resistance? God’s love is the weapon that resists pride to restore us and all His children.

Redeemed for Restoration

What have “the locusts stolen” from you? The key to restoration is understanding what the locusts stole and God’s process of repair.

Returning Home

How can we make good choices in 2024? God’s wisdom is designed for us to live. His will that we have life more abundantly.