A Genesis Study – Course

A Genesis Study – Course

What Really Happened In The Beginning?

This Bible study course is for those who want to take a deeper look at the Creation event described in the Book of Genesis alongside scientific evidence.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Unearth word meanings from the ancient Hebrew text.
  • Compare Biblical root word meanings with discoveries in archeology and microbiology.
  • Trace the hand of God from the very genesis of life to the revelation of New Life in Christ.
  • Affirm the foundations of God’s grace embedded in Creation, the Fall, and the Flood.
  • Rediscover God’s unsearchable and unchanged love for His created people.


  • A deep desire to know where you came from and why you’re here.
  • Access to an online or hard copy of a Bible.
  • Device to view or download weekly study guides and printables.


This study is about finding The Answer.

To an artist whose priceless masterpiece was lost or stolen, The Answer lies in authenticating his signature and reclaiming his work.

To someone who has been searching for family his or her whole lifetime, The Answer lies in tracing their roots back to their family.

To anyone wanting to know what this life is all about, The Answer is finding the truth about their beginning and purpose for being on this planet.

Are you searching for The Answer?

If you answered yes, then this is the study for you.

This may be an old case, but the key Witness is alive and well. Combined with ancient Biblical texts, archeology, and microbiology, this study compares, connects, and credits the Creation of Life to God in the beginning.

The answer matters because you are not only God’s work of art, you are His child and heir. Reconnecting your genealogy to God the Creator will bring you back to your true family and His inheritance for you.

The question is, “Are you ready for The Answer?” It is the truth that changes everything.

Questions to Consider:

  • If God created life, where is the proof?
  • If the proof of the Creation of Life exists, how do we find it?
  • If the Story of Creation is true, how does that affect your life?

This Course Is For You If:

  • You have lost hope in the faith you have seen and heard.
  • You are searching for Truth.
  • You have faith but need to see proof of what you believe.
  • Your faith and hope need a refreshing renewal.

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