Believe Me

Believe Me

Verse 1

You don’t believe me and I don’t care who’s wrong or right

I relive the moment the light faded to night

I stood by you when they all walked away

Where are they?

The ones you idolized

But I stayed

Turn Green - Monisha Saywack


If I didn’t walk through fire, for you,

If I didn’t die a thousand deaths, for you,

If I didn’t spare my last breath for you,

If that’s true, don’t believe me

Turn Green - Monisha Saywack

Verse 2

When you were broken, you took my strength

Till you were whole again

But you wouldn’t let me in out of the pouring rain,

And when you cried I tore the skies to take your place

And though you deny me, again

I’ll stay

Turn Green - Monisha Saywack


Would you believe, 

I’ve thrown away your past, I’ve opened every door,

I gave you all I have and all I have is yours,

Your dreams all around you, I gave you every one,

Believe me, I’ve just begun.

Turn Green - Monisha Saywack

Chorus 2

Cause I’d walk through fire for you

I’d die a thousand deaths for you

I didn’t spare my last breath, for you

If that’s true

Believe me

Why won’t you believe me

Believe me.