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Disarm Triggers To Grow Strong

Disarm Triggers To Grow Strong

Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways, and those with clean hands will grow stronger. 
Job 17:9

Today, we’re talking about how to disarm triggers to grow strong. Have you noticed that we have developed “trigger” words in Scripture? Let me explain what I mean. A trigger word immediately conveys a slightly negative or all-out idea of judgement to the reader. To show how trigger words work, this is now I used to read verses like Job 17:9 –

“The righteous (only those who do the right and godly thing all the time) and those with clean hands (those who never had a sinful thought or action) will grow stronger.”

I truly believed it too! Maybe you believe that’s what that verse is saying. Whether or not we recognize their existence, trigger words exist. What’s worse is that they keep us from seeing the truth.

Disarm Trigger to Grow Strong

There were many times in my life that I felt condemned by Biblical trigger words. Not anymore. Deeper study and proving the truths I found has not only changed my mind but it has set me free. Only truth brings freedom! Truth is what transforms us one lie at a time.

My hope is that by sharing what I have learned, you can also disarm those hidden triggers to grow strong in truth that brings freedom.

How do we disarm triggers to grow strong in truth? First, always read the Word from God’s perspective. Ours is so biased and skewed by life experiences and partial understanding. Second, to read the Word from God’s perspective, know who God is. In fact, knowing God should comes first. So let’s disarm some triggers.

The whole heart of God is hidden in one word at the beginning of Job 17:9, “nevertheless.”

This is the God who wants none of His children to perish so He designed a plan to save them even before He created them. That’s like signing a pre-nuptial agreement to give everything you own to someone before they even know you or said “yes” to a relationship with you!

This is also the God who then gave His life for His Beloved – you – so that you could “own” His righteousness as if it was always yours. Why? Because the Enemy of God had plans from the beginning too. His plan was to steal your inheritance, and he only thought he got away with it.

Disarm Trigger to Grow Strong

Regardless of the Enemy’s intentions, God won. He revealed the true meaning of His Words! The words the Enemy used to condemn us became the very words and set us free. Surprise!

Now read that verse again.

Nevertheless, the righteous (God's children) will hold to their ways, and those with clean hands (justified by the Cross) will grow stronger. 
Job 17:9

Take that! God inspired those words to be written that way because He was going to make them come true for you.

Disarm Trigger to Grow Strong
  • God bequeathed everything He owned to His children.
  • Sin made us criminals without rights to own anything.
  • Then, God become human to die for us.
  • And all things were passed on to us in a legally binding fashion.

God’s righteousness is yours and gives you access to God’s riches stored up for you! Grow strong in that truth!

Trigger disarmed.

Let God’s Word now spark joy (< I drew a picture for you) in knowing that His heart is yours through Jesus (< I even wrote a song about it!).

You, Child of God, are loved.

Hold tight. Be clean. Grow strong.