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"Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again." 
Psalm 71:20

Troubles are only temporary. Your restoration will be permanent.

David Restores Mephibosheth

A favorite Bible story of mine is the one about Mephibosheth – we’ll call him Meff. Meff was the grandson of King Saul and son of Jonathan. Jonathan was David’s best friend. King Saul was jealous that his people praised David more than him when David killed Goliath as just a boy.

When King Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle, and David was unanimously crowned king, David had the right to destroy all of Saul’s family. This was a common practice to prevent an old king’s descendants from taking the throne.

At the time when King Saul’s enemies attacked, a nursemaid fled with baby Meff to a desert place called Lodebar (“no pasture”) to live with a man named Machir (“sold”), son of Ammiel (“my kinsman is God”). As the nursemaid ran, baby Meff fell from her arms and was maimed. So, just by being born into King Saul’s family in wartime, Meff lost everything – or so he thought. But, when God becomes your kinsman or family, He changes your story.

When King David’s advisors came to discuss the handling of King Saul’s estate, David asked if any of Saul’s family were still alive. Hearing that Meff was alive, David had him brought to the palace.

Can you imagine how fearful Meff might have been? What more could he lose? Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t run away this time. Imagine Meff’s surprise when King David informed him that all his grandfather’s lands and possessions were now his. Not only that, Meff would be given a place at the king’s table with David’s sons and daughters.

What David’s advisors saw as an enemy to the throne, David saw as his best friend’s son. For the sake of that friendship, Meff received grace, favor, and an unexpected inheritance. He went from a place called “no pasture” and therefore not much to eat to a table flowing with food and wine.

Now, imagine Meff sliding his deformed legs under the rich, royal tablecloth, dressed as royalty, and being served the king’s food. Nobody saw that coming.

Do you know why David did what he did? He followed God’s example that made a shepherd boy into a king. David made an enemy into a son.

God sees you where you are. He sees what the enemy has done, and His table has a seat reserved for you. He wants to sit and talk with you, cover you with His everlasting love, and restore everything you lost.

God is your kinsman.

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