A Single Rose

A Single Rose

From the Beginning

Over the centuries, the delicate white rose has become a symbol for many strong ideas. Believed to be the first of all the roses created, the simple white bloom symbolizes innocence, purity, and eternity.

Coat of Arms

In the 14th century, the white rose was the heraldic charge or symbol of the English family of York. A war between the York and Lancaster (red rose) families became known as the War of the Roses.

Equality in Diversity

This beautiful creamy blossom may belong in a lavish garden, but it has seen its share of war. In the 1940’s it became the symbol of the White Rose group, which stood against the Nazi regime. Formed by a handful of college students from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, this group believed in equal rights with the responsibility to defend those rights. Although they were executed before they saw the far-reaching effects of their stance, their actions are proudly celebrated. The white rose has since come to symbolize innocence and purity in the face of evil.

Here Comes the Bouquet

Today, white roses are a popular choice for bridal bouquets. Sure, marriage is a celebration of two hearts joined in love, but perhaps it is also a brave commitment to stick together for better or worse.

Smell the Roses

As delicate and beautiful as these blossoms are, the strength and determination they now represent have left a lasting fragrance throughout history. Remember that the next time you smell a rose. 

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